5 Addictive Reality Shows

We all have a guilty pleasure, a bit of absolute trash television/faux reality show that we can’t help but watch whenever we get the chance to. This list puts together 5 reality shows that I personally (and I imagine at least a few of you) can’t help but watch if they are on!

  1. Catfish: The TV Show

I was a big fan of Catfish: The Movie when it was first released, so when a TV show was announced for MTV I was instantly intrigued. The TV show brings back Nev Schulman, along with his friend Max Joseph. Where the original documentary searched for the love interest of Nev, the TV show brings in real people who believe that there interest may be a catfish. In most cases this tends to be the reality. The first season of the show is filled with heart-warming stories of people trying to find love, but as the show goes on it becomes more and more filled with people who just want to be on television. You think that it would become an irritating show to watch as the seasons have passed but the show has evolved with the guests, there are a lot more scenes of Nev and Max getting (what looks like) genuinely angry with the guests if they reveal that it was all an act to be on television. I guess in reality for them and the crew it is a major waste of time and travel. The viewer can sort of sympathise with them in a way, although I guess they would still get their pay check so who can really complain!


  1. Comic Book Men

A comic book nerd’s dream show produced for AMC, probably the most staged/faux reality show on our list (those podcast scenes seem so scripted) but it is a very enjoyable, funny and addictive show. The shows stars Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob movies), Walter Flanagan (Tell ‘em Steve Dave Podcast), Bryan Johnson (Tell ‘em Steve! Dave Podcast), Ming Chen (Sell Comics! Podcast), and Mike Zapcic (Sell Comics! Podcast). The cast (excluding Smith) work at ‘Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash’ comic book store. The show is based around the buying and selling of comic books and pop culture memorabilia. Customers bring rare comics and items in which the cast then describe, tell the history of and offer money for, similar to another show further down on this list. Occasionally customers will come in to buy items but the show tends to lean more towards customers selling items to the store. Occasionally the show will bring up a subject at the start of the show (e.g. the Wild West), they will get into an argument or discussion about the subject, then during the show they will visit a place in New Jersey that has something to do with the subject. The show is full of jokes, both pop culture related and just the cast generally insulting eachother, it is worth a watch just to hear Walt’s hilarious laugh 20 times an episode.


  1. Man v. Food

Travel Channel’s food challenge show of epic proportions (or portions)! The show starring Adam Richmond (who is no competitive eater) is unfortunately no longer with us, but here’s hoping that the rumoured revamp with a different host will happen! The show follows Adam as he travels different cities in America trying some amazing looking food. The show is split into 2 parts. In the first part Adam visits restaurants in the city he has travelled to, trying out their specialities. In the second part of the show Adam does a terrible sketch (terribly good?) that leads into his food challenge for the episode. The food challenge will either be a HUGE amount of food and/or drink or something that is hotter than the sun. The second part of the show is where all the entertainment comes from, it is always fun watching Adam cram down the mass of food or sweat and cry over the heat. The first part of the show is more ‘Wow look at the food, get in my belly!’. If you love food shows, this one can’t be missed.


  1. Pawn Stars

A legendary and long running show for History Channel. Pawn Stars basically started the craze of Pawn based reality shows and has always been by far the best. Another reality show that is very much staged, if all the articles on the internet from former cast members and customers have anything to say about it (the most legendary faux pas being the antique Coca-Cola machine that was a completely different machine after being restored). However, the show is still very enjoyable and even slightly educational. The show has a similar premise as Comic Book Men in which customers come to the store to sell their items. The items that the pawn shop receives are generally Antiques and oddities. The shows lead Rick Harrison, Big Hoss, Chumlee or the old man will describe the item and go into the history while the customer is standing there thinking “I just want to sell this and go gamble”. If the cast do not know enough information about the item they will then go to their on hand experts who will come to the shop to help out. The show is funny and insightful, and handy if you want to know the complete history of pretty much every American gun ever made.


  1. Just Tattoo of Us

A new show, only one season in produced by MTV. The show is hosted by Charlotte Crosby (Geordie Shore) and Stephen Bear (Ex on the Beach). Now before I get into it, believe me when I say that this show is absolute trash television, but there is something about it that is so funny and addictive to watch! The premise of the show is people come to the tattoo studio to give each other terrible tattoos, you think this would get old quick but it doesn’t! Each person getting tattooed tells the artist what they want tattooed on the other person, apart from a couple of cases this always ends up with a horrible tattoo that they have to sport for the rest of their lives. Each episode also plays host to a ‘celebrity’ or two that come in to be tattooed. Even though it’s basically just a show about people stitching each other up, it is just so entertaining, the highlights of the show for me being a tattoo that looks like a brand on a cow that said ‘SLUT’ and the worst by far, a tattoo on a girls inner thigh of a hand pulling out a bloody tampon, just so gross!


Image Copyright – History Channel


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