10 Facts about Snatch

“Do you know what nemesis means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent, personified in this case by a ‘orrible c*nt, me.” – Brick Top

An absolute British classic, snatch follows a pair of boxing promoters, trying to make it in the illegal boxing world, while constantly getting side tracked by constant issues. Also with a huge diamond heist plot line thrown in! Highly quotable and incridably funny, iIf you have never seen it, it is more than worth a watch! Here are 10 facts about the great movie…

1. Opening scene inspired by a classic


During the opening credits, the Hasidic-clad diamond thieves are discussing the Virgin Mary. This is a reference to Reservoir Dogs (1992), where during the opening scene the thieves are discussing the Madonna song “Like a Virgin”.


2. Type casting concerns


When Guy Ritchie told Brad Pitt that he would be playing a boxer, Pitt became concerned because he had just finished shooting Fight Club (1999) and did not want to play the same type of role again. Pitt took the role anyway because he wanted to work with Ritchie so badly.


3. Out of shot shots


Nearly every death in the movie takes place off-screen.


4. Way to save money


The producers couldn’t afford enough extras for the boxing match sequences. Whenever a camera angle changed, the extras had to move around to create an impression of a crowded house..


5. Doing some bird


When Vinny and Sol are sitting outside Brick-Top’s Bookies, about to give him the diamond, the man that approaches the car is not really Bullet-Tooth Tony, it was a look-alike. Vinnie Jones didn’t show up for shooting that day because he was in jail for fighting the night before.


6. Idiots inspired by idiots


Every mistake that Sol, Vincent and Tyrone make were inspired by various late-night TV shows about real-life crimes gone horribly wrong.


7. Now that’s commitment


Lennie James actually hit himself in his private parts with the shotgun while blasting a hole in the wall at the bookies, but continued the scene. That footage was used in the film.


8. The well-dressed man


Franky Four-Fingers changes into four different outfits during the short telephone conversation to cousin Avi.


9. “It’s not Irish, it’s not English, it’s just well… It’s just Pikey.”


Brad Pitt‘s character and indecipherable speech was inspired by many critics’ complaints about the accents of the characters in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998). Guy Ritchie decided to counter the criticisms by creating a character that not only couldn’t be understood by the audience but that also couldn’t be understood by characters in the movie.


10. Never work with babies or animals


According to the DVD commentary, Bow, the dog was very difficult to work with. During the car scene with Vincent, Sol and Tyrone, the dog was actually attacking Lennie James, and James was actually bitten in the crotch by the dog but didn’t suffer any serious injury. The dog was replaced after that incident.


Facts sourced from IMDb.  Image sources are linked to the images. Feature Image Source


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