American Gods (2017 – Present) – S01E04 “Git Gone” Review


“Git Gone” focuses on Laura Moon (Emily Browning), and how she ended up dying, brought back from the dead, and now sitting on the end of Shadow’s (Ricky Whittle) bed in his motel room. Laura as a character isn’t really fleshed out too well in the book. It is noted that she did in fact cheat on him with his best friend, and then she visits him a few times after her reanimation. This is why I am glad that they have gone ahead given her more depth in the show, and shown things from her perspective.

We get to see her at work in her job at a casino dealing cards. This is where she first encounters Shadow, and where she quite quickly learns he is only there for one thing: To skim the games and earn a few extra easy bucks. She calls him on it and tells him to leave all the while pointing out cameras and staff that are keeping an eye on his movements. It cuts to her leaving work where Shadow is waiting for her. Conversation ensues, and then it is back to her place where she had agreed to sleep with him.

As the episode progresses we see that Shadow’s infatuation for Laura grows while she only grows more distant. She eventually concocts a plan for them to rob the casino and indulges Shadow with the information. It then flashes forward to the both of them sitting in a mess hall of a prison with Shadow wearing his prison jumpsuit. She promises to wait for him while he serves his sentence of six years.

Everything from here we know. His sentence is dropped to three years and is let out a few days early due to Laura’s death. What we do get to see, however, is the events leading up to her death with Shadow’s best friend Robbie (Dane Cook). Laura and Robbie begin their affair, and are shown some of the times they have met up and the lies involved. We are then shown the night that Shadow calls Laura when it is mentioned that they are planning his surprise party, the two getting in to the car for their ill-fated ride, and then the car crash that kills the two.

The final chapter of this episode shows us Laura dealing with Anubis (Chris Obi) in the afterlife, before being ripped back in to existence. It also shows us Anubis and Mr. Ibis (Demore Barnes) in their real world occupations; a funeral parlor. Here they treat Laura by making her look, well, less dead. This is all in the lead up to Laura surprising Shadow in his motel room.

This episode served as great filler, and in showing the viewer a perspective that is not that of Shadow’s. Giving Laura the depth that the character deserves helps in having you connect to her as a character, and not just have her sidelined as a background player. I can’t wait to see what or how they have her impact the show in future episodes.

Check out the promo for episode four below:

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