10 Facts about Silicon Valley

Now into it’s 4th season the show about 5 silicon valley nerds and misfits still hasn’t reached its peak. Each new season brings a new major issue for the gang to work out, always coming out on top in the end. Mike Judges epic show is certainly one of my favourite current shows out there.

Today we bring you 10 Facts about HBO’s Silicon Valley to impress your friends with!

1. Already friends

Much of the main cast were friends or friendly in real life because they knew each other from the stand-up comedy world. Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Kumail Nanjiani and Josh Brener are all seasoned stand-ups. The actors on the show at times are given freedom to improvise their scenes due to their backgrounds in stand-up and improvisation comedy.

2. The high score

The Weissman Score was something created by the writers to try and convey a metric to an audience that might not necessarily be well-versed in computer programming. But the producers had Stanford researchers actually develop a legitimate equation that is slowly gaining traction in the research community.

3. Real life depicted

During the opening credits, you can see how the Facebook signal “eats” the Whatsapp and Oculus signal, referring to their purchase by Facebook.

4. Middle out

The middle-out compression algorithm that Pied Piper uses on the show might actually become the basis of a new theory that could truly revolutionize data compression in the real world.

5. Have you seen my stapler?

Co-creator Mike Judge calls it “Office Space for modern times.”


Gilfoyle drinks a beer in every episode.

7. Office Politics

Zach Woods & Thomas Middleditch have previously appeared in The Office, but have never appeared together on screen. They guest starred in season 9 of the show.

8. Fantasy football fans

Thomas Middleditch and T.J. Miller appeared together as guest stars on an episode of The League. They played companions in a fantasy football cult called The Light of Genesis.

9. Unfortunate circumstances

Because of Christopher Welch‘s death, the second season was rewritten. RIP.

10. App pitches

The principal cast members have reported that they often get pitched for actual apps by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs when they’re spotted in public.

Facts sourced from IMDb.  Image sources are linked to the images. Feature Image Source


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