10 Facts about Justice League

An interesting collection of facts about the upcoming Justice League movie to impress your friends with…

1. Hits at the Oscars

Image result for justice league cast

The film cast includes three Oscar winners: Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, J.K. Simmons; and four Oscar nominees: Amy Adams, Willem Dafoe, Diane Lane and Jesse Eisenberg.

2. Paying homage to the Cartoon

This film is being released on the same day the animated series Justice League (2001) first aired sixteen years earlier.

3. Third try

Image result for justice league of america pilot

This is third live-action appearance of the Justice League after the failed TV pilot Justice League of America (1997) and Smallville (2001).

4. Rick and Morty fans

51 seconds in to the trailer, an episode of Rick and Morty can be seen playing in the background behind Bruce Wayne in Barry Allen’s place.

5. Green Lantern’s appearance

Image result for green lantern comic

4chan Users leaked that Green Lantern will appear at the end of the film. In the comics Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) was a founding member of the League, but will not be a main part of the film as the previous attempt of adapting Green Lantern to the big screen with Green Lantern (2011) ended in disaster. Instead Green Lantern’s first main appearance will be in the announced Green Lantern Corps (2020)

6. Directors chair

Image result for zack snyder

After taking the director’s chair on Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder is returning to oversee the Justice League movie.  Ben Affleck was originally considered for the role.

7. Originally split

Image result for justice league movie logo

The movie was initially going to be split into two parts, but now it’s rumored to be 2 movies with 2 separate storylines (Darkseid in JL2).

8. DOOMSDAY’s birth

Image result for DOOMSDAY

As stated by Zack Snyder, the mythological birth of Doomsday will be explained in the film.

9. From Zimmer to Junkie XL

Image result for Junkie XL,

Hans Zimmer stepped down from composing superhero movie scores. Composer Junkie XL, who composed with Zimmer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and has now composed for Justice League (2017).

10. Not the first attempt

Related image

The film took one decade to come to fruition. A Justice League film entitled “Mortal” was scheduled to be released in 2007, but it got shelved.

Facts sourced from IMDb and CinemaBlend. Image sources are linked to the images.


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